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Pen & Ink
By Chuck Severino
21 - 29 April 2018
2F Bridgeway, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons

Chuck Severino, a graduate of Architecture at the University of Santo Tomas, has produced schemes and working drawings for LEANDRO LOCSIN from 1995 to 1999. The son of Captain Lino Severino Jr., the pilot and known painter of the Vanishing Scenes Series, developed architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems and drawings for THE BOB FLURY DESIGN GROUP while living in California in the early 2000. He came back to Manila and developed several resorts, commercial and residential projects while playing football as a hobby.

Chuck draws from his experience and passion as a Fully Manual Architect -- devoid of computers and AutoCAD, his penetrating attention to detail, and his fresh yet distinct perspective.

Through the years, Chuck has explored a variety of media – from watercolor, pencil and pastel – drawing inspiration from his father Lino, who would bring him to Taza De Oro in Ermita, Tagaytay Highlands, Antipolo or with the Saturday Group (with Romulo Olazo, Hernando Ocampo, Cesar Legaspi, Ephraim Samson, Agustin Goy and Ang Kiukok) who would meet on a regular basis for painting sessions.

At present, he has derived great inspiration from the intriguing use of INK through the FIBRE-TIP PEN as a medium for expressing his views and his consciousness. Coming from his successful inaugural sold out show last year, entitled "SEVERINO AWAKENS", Chuck will hold another show entitled "ARMOUR OF LIGHT" on 21-29 April 2018 at the 2nd Floor Bridgeway, Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons.

This time the show was inspired by his partner's battle with Cancer. Drawing and sketching during her twelve 54 hour chemo sessions, Chuck realized how her faith and positivity strengthened her and her condition. The artist decided to share his talents for the benefit of Workers of Wellness, a group of cancer patients and survivors who aim to help others recover what cancer has stripped from their physicality - bringing faith, hope, positivity, a healthier lifestyle and beauty during and after treatments.


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